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The Best of…. 2010

The analytically chosen (i.e. I just picked them) Best of Women Are From Mars 2010: The Top 15.

….and some pretty pictures.

March 5: i have a problem with Cosmo.

March 25: Women on top: Why is this so scary?

March 19: sketchtastic.

March 29: The Glass Ceiling: Alive and well.

April 13: Chicks before dicks.

May 10: Mating strategies.

June 8/June 10: The Gulf of Mexico Shit Show – What It Should Be / What you can do.

June 29: Put down the cheeseburger when you put down the guilt.

July 8: Nothing is worth more than this day.

August 17: Girl Fight: Sluts vs. Prudes.

September 2: The Feminist Oppressor speaks.

November 14The Turning Thirty Quiz.

December 2: Random Encunters are not Contests. They’re Awesome.

December 14: The true story of why Being Single is Awesome.

December 21: This is Something we Can’t Ignore.

And, if you’re tired of reading, here are some pretty pictures:

May 3: Notes from a wedding.

June 4: vacation.

September 14: Ode to Summer I.

October 5: Ode to Summer II.

October 26: Ode to Summer III.

Additional Best Of pages I highly recommend:

The Single Filez

Single Girl Blogging

Brooke Farmer

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