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Put down the cheeseburger when you put down the guilt.

June 29, 2010

I feel the need to add a bit of an addendum to my last post.

I definitely agree that we cannot all be a size 4.  That’s not how this works. In addition, one thing we forget is that not everyone finds a size 4 attractive.

I am all for women loving their bodies and who they are. I am all for changing and challenging societal norms about what is attractive and that beauty is skin deep – and defined by the label in your collar.

However. Now for some political incorrectness.

This country is fat. F-A-T. Fat.

Yes – I am all about real-beauty-comes-from-within. OK? But you know what? I’m sorry, but I don’t agree with accepting our bodies the way they are when we abuse them. When the size of our jeans is not a result of who we are, but the fact that we can’t stop eating fast food or get our fat ass off the couch.

Honey, I am not all about telling you to love who you are when you’re fat. When you can’t fucking stop overeating shitty food all the time. When you can’t fucking go outside and go for a goddamn walk.

I’m sorry. I know that is not socially acceptable to say that but… America: you. are. fat! BUT you don’t have to be! You shouldn’t be! And I’m not going to tell you to be-who-you-are-love-who-you-are when you need to fucking change your life!

I am carrying around a few extra pounds right now. But NOT because I want to fit into a certain size. I have those extra pounds because I sat on my ass and ate Ben & Jerry’s. Because I gave in to my love of C’s bread with butter. And for that reason? I am NOT ok with the excess.

Look. It’s not that I don’t indulge. Or that I think indulgence is bad. It’s not that I think carbs are the devil. They’re not. But eating when I’m not hungry? Ice cream on a regular basis when I’m not exercising?

It is that excess that is not OK with me.

And it shouldn’t be OK with you.

This is NOT about loving yourself and doing whatever you want to. This is NOT about society whispering in my ear to put down that pizza, dear, it’ll go straight to your thighs. This IS about the way you should treat your body. Period!

This is also about waste. Eating too much SHITTY food that has a GIGANTIC environmental footprint is just fucking wasteful. It is not just bad for youit is also bad for your world. Processed food, fast food, food wrapped in plastic – all have enormous energy requirements. They all use a lot of energy, a lot of oil. They are part of our oil addiction – and they are things we need to stop being addicted to.

And they’re not even good for you – most of the time! And then to eat them when you’re not even hungry or in far larger portions than are necessary – !!

Please, women, give up the guilt and the self-degradation. Please, DO love your bodies and who you are. But… at the same time, please don’t abuse your body. Don’t be so goddamn wasteful. Don’t feed it when it’s not hungry or fill it with salt and sugar and (as my mom calls them) empty calories. Give your body what it actually needs (and not what the food addictions ask for).

Real food. In appropriate portions.

Exercise. On a regular basis.

Yes – these things will hurt, especially in the beginning (dear god do you have any idea how difficult it is for me to break my sweet tooth addiction once it gets going??). But I promise you, you will feel the difference – and you won’t care about your pant size because you’ll know you’re healthy.

That you are treating your body like the temple it is. Not as a storage unit.

THAT is what this is about.

The additional thing to remember is that thin people abuse their bodies too. Neglecting to give your body what it needs, pushing your body to extremes, binging and purging… these are also abuse. This is also not treating your body with love and respect.

So. YES we need to let go of unrealistic body images in the sense that we are not all made to be a size anything. That pre-labeled size defines what is beautiful to us and attractive to others. But, we also should not accept abuse of the bodies we have – whether that is stuffing our faces or starving our tummies.

Put down the guilt. Put down the McDonald’s. Get the fuck outside.

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  1. July 2, 2010 2:36 pm

    I had been living in Sweden for 6 months, and came back to the US for a visit. I landed in Atlanta. I exited the plane, and was greeted by walls and walls of dimpled, sagging, bulging flesh. Obviously, it had been there before I left, but I had never noticed how fucking FAT americans were. There needs to be a mass cultural shift for anything to change. I really hope Jamie’s Food Revolution takes off there.

  2. July 5, 2010 1:46 pm

    I had the exact same culture shock after I worked in Jamaica. You get accustomed to it when you see it all the time, but give yourself even a small break – and it IS downright shocking.

    I agree – serious change in cultural mindset. Whether or not something will happen… is TBD. Unfortunately, we also need to change access to food and how much we think we should pay for it… in addition to what we think about it and how we eat.


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