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I don’t need to be rescued.

October 14, 2010

Soo… just as an update… here’s a note from Amy… and I will be posting – I have some posts already prepared and now scheduled… stay tuned!

From: Amy F.
Date: Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 9:24 PM
Subject: Re: Adventures in Italy!


Arrived in Naples a few hours ago… no more freaking gorgeous island and sea views 😦 Tomorrow morning we head to Pompeii, so that’s crazy exciting!! Then we’re off to Florence on Saturday.

Since you’re holed up at the house, drowning yourself in pain pills and bad wine, I’ll write a more extensive email to entertain you while you get wasted 🙂

I had the most amazing day and evening yesterday, I can’t even begin to do it justice via email, but here goes…

____ and I (he is the older English gentlemen who I was gallivanting around with the last few days) went for a journey up to this old fort ruin on a cliff that jutted out on the island. We hiked up there and had amazing views and ____ was just great company.

After our adventure, we had a lovely lunch and some wine on the terrace overlooking the sea… ridiculous.

Then I hiked down to the sea and wrote some postcards, which you and everyone else will probably receive ten years from now (Italian mail is notoriously slow, and I mailed them on the island, which probably makes it 10 times slower).

Then I took a nap (rough life) since I had nothing better to do while waiting for all the conference folks to finish up their day.

When they finally wrapped it up, we went to this amazing place for dinner… 30 euros for a four course meal with unlimited wine and after dinner drinks (like grappa, but not grappa, and TONS of it). Seafood is the main dish served on the island, as it’s an island in the Mediterranean (duh), so we had just the most ridiculous quantity of fresh seafood in all sorts of different forms, along with so many bottles of wine that we beyond lost count. Everyone got ridiculously wasted, but the good kind where it’s just laughing for hours on end and absolutely the best time I think I’ve ever had in my entire life. Seriously… I’ve never had more fun… and the pictures are HILARIOUS.

A huge bunch of local men came into the restaurant as we were finishing up and one in particular took quite a liking to Nikki… they ended up following our group to a bar on the other side of the island, where Nikki proceeded to have enough alcohol that she was totally cool with being thrown up against a wall, her boob bitten, and then tossed on the hood of a car while being molested by this little Italian boy… it was amazing. We rescued her eventually, even though I explained to everyone that she didn’t need rescuing and that it was exactly what she needed (yes, boob biting included). Went to bed at some point after that… seriously, as you can probably tell from my rambling, it was the best night ever.

Had another incredible morning on the island; bright sunshine and really warm. We took the ferry back today and had to say goodbye to the people from the conference… I was seriously sad to leave them… great people and good times.

So now it’s just me and Nikki, trying to survive Naples, which is a little sketchy (extremely dirty and just kind of icky), but the guys that run the hotel are very nice, it’s clean, and there’s internet (bonus!). We’re only here tonight and tomorrow, so we’ll survive.

Other potentially awesome thing… one of the guys at the conference wants us to come down to his family’s place on the coast in Tuscany on Monday, so we might do that. It’s a bit further than we intended to go, but we might do it, as it would be a drive straight through Tuscany, which would probably be beautiful. He wants to wine and dine us and show us the beauty of the Tuscan coast (he’s a spoiled trust fund baby from Milan), so we’re considering doing that… we shall see!

Okay, are you still reading?? Hope I haven’t bored you to death!

Off to do who knows what… Raphael (guy from the hotel who speaks English) wants to entertain us in Naples… sounds sketchy, but I swear it’s not… no worries!

Take care, don’t O.D., and try not to be too mopey pants (drunky pants are always preferred).



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  1. October 14, 2010 5:47 pm

    Italy sounds like a complete blast. Wish I were there.

    • October 17, 2010 12:35 pm

      So far – a complete blast. I heart Europe.

      Thanks for reading!!


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