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Of mice and men.

August 12, 2010

*** Again: the term “boy” is chosen on purpose here…

In my previous post, I discussed how part of Amy’s problem… I mean, how part of Ski Jump’s problem is that he and Amy had sex too soon. For him.

Another part of the problem is that Boys don’t always like Strong, Confident, Women.

They like Mice.

What, pray tell, is a Mouse?

Imagine a girl who… well, still acts like a girl. She has passive-aggressive in the bag, and would not be categorized as strong or confident, exactly, even by her friends. She’s also pretty damn good at drama.

Y’all (and now I’m black… or maybe Southern) know who I am talking about.

She puts up with a whole lot of crap, yet she dishes that shit out too. She doesn’t really speak her mind, or ask for what she wants… but she sure pulls the silent treatment like you wouldn’t believe.

Sounds like every dude’s worst nightmare, right?


Maybe she also has some additional issues. Maybe she’s a bit of a train wreck.

Even worse right?


Boys LOVE that shit. I swear they do.

For example:

My sister is clearly, at this point in her life, a train wreck. No doubt about it (although, to her credit, she is good at communication… for the most part).

That girl can’t walk down the effing street without some dude trying to pick her up.

Ok. Maybe not quite that but… close enough.

And, rationally, I don’t understand that at all. She is clearly uncomfortable in social situations, she clearly has confidence issues (among other things). And, due to her eating disorder, she don’t look her best (and this would be why this is an anonymous blog). I don’t mean just in terms of… needing a cheeseburger or twelve, but also in terms of her hair and skin. Etc.

She does not get picked up for her looks. I swear. This is my sister we’re talking about. Clearly – I am being honest.

What the fuck, man. Isn’t this supposed to be what men don’t want?

But they do. And, look around. Pay attention. Mice get guys to commit all the time. Instead of running for the hills when they meet a Mouse, they fall right into that bullshit. They can’t wait to roll around in it.

And yet… you’re a strong, confident woman who wants some sex? Hmmm… yeah… walk on eggshells for awhile, will you? I’ll just sit here and give you and your friends hours of stuff to analyze (because, remember, I lack the balls to just be honest), and then I’ll see ya later.

What the fuck is up with that? Seriously.

My opinion? Boys don’t like strong women. Mice, on the other hand, make them feel needed. Train wrecks give them something to do.

When the female is needy, then you’re needed. When a female has issues, whatever they are, then you can feel more confident because maybe you help her out. She feeds your ego, all the time. You feel less insecure. And that makes you happy. And you’re willing to put up with her shit, because how else can you feel like the man around here.

But. When a female is a far cry from needy, where the hell does that leave you?

Especially if you’re already insecure?

What fucking idiots. I can want you without needing you, dumbass (already discussed this, too).

So. What is a Strong, Confident Woman to do?

Well. You can a) Learn to be a Mouse. I can’t believe it’s that difficult. Expect the dude to read your mind. Always say what you don’t exactly mean. Go against every instinct you’ve got – that’s a start, any way.

Or you can b) Run for the fucking hills. And hope there are some Men there.

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