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Mayday. M’aidez. HELP. Oil in the water. Oil in the marsh. SOS. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO DIE. (via The Ladies’ Guide to the Apocalypse)

June 30, 2010

A first person account. This shit is still going on. How is life back to normal???

Mayday. M'aidez. HELP. Oil in the water. Oil in the marsh. SOS. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO DIE. I just got home from Point-Aux-Chenes again. I've been there four days now, tagging along for various things. This video below is one of them. Which is huge f-in news for the Little People, the hoi polloi, the regular folk who don't know their voice is so much stronger than the corporation which is currently telling everybody what to do while they clean up the mess they made in our back yards. The corporation with shills in the government which i … Read More

via The Ladies' Guide to the Apocalypse

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  1. Fantasminha permalink
    June 6, 2011 2:57 pm

    Doesn’t your heart just go out to the folks in Louisiana? They’ve been to hell and back: first Katrina and now this. It’s JUN 2011 and I’m still getting emails from enviornmental activist groups asking me to sign one petition or another to make sure they are not abandoned. I sign them all. I am not physically there to help out, and I’m not sure if I was there I would be any actual help, but they definately have my support 100% for whatever that is worth. And just like the aftermath of Katrina, the slimy, greedy bastards who got us into this mess are nowhere to be found and politicians have moved on to the next opportunity to get their faces on the TV. I am left wondering if all the Katrina evacuees ever got a new version of “normal life.”

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