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A 3.5 on the Kinsey scale.

June 18, 2010

Sent: Thursday, June 10, 2010 2:22 PM
Subject: Stupid people.

Speaking of ______, that girl either needs to figure her shit out with girls or shut the fuck up about it. Do I really think she’s a 3.5 on the Kinsey scale? No. I don’t. But – if she really thinks she wants to try the girl thing (btw – just to try it once!, which is all I think she has in her, does not equal a 3.5), then wtf is she still with that crazy dancer guy? She should break up with him, grow the fuck up and stop giggling all the time, and try it.

But can we pause here for two seconds?

One – somehow, in her little brain, being with a girl is all about sex. Do you think she’s thought about a relationship with women? No. She wants to try SEX with women… but that’s as far as this thought process has gotten her. Yes, women can be really hot – more often than men can (seriously). Yes, in this culture today, somehow sex with women makes you… sexier in general (who knows why – our culture is so good at pretending women aren’t sexual beings, but girl-on-girl = sex… hmmm…). THAT is why you think you like girls. Not because you actually do.

A relationship with women? Wait, that’s part of being a 3.5 on the Kinsey scale?

Yes. Stupid.

Two – What, did you just spend fifteen minutes discussing how all the men you meet are cheating or have cheated or will cheat or are looking to cheat and isn’t it just disgusting? And now you are crawling in my lap? And talking about how you wish you weren’t so shy around women?

WTF. Stupid. How is it that girl-on-girl is also not cheating?


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