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The People Respond.

June 7, 2010

Responses to the Gulf of Mexico disaster…

Why didnt they put these animals out of thier misery humainly instead of doing foto ops…REMEMBER Why they are drilling so far out? ENVIROMENTALISTS, … Why didnt they burn the oil as a response to the spill? The spill could have been contained within a square mile of surfacing and burned off but ENVIROMENTALISTS forbid it… Why couldnt they build dikes to protect the shoreline ENVIROMENTALISTS, forbid it…. So ENVIROMENTALISTS increased the magnitude and SEVERITY of this disaster.

I don’t even know where to start with that one. The amount of misinformation is appalling – and I don’t doubt for a second it is regurgitated word for word from somewhere else. How awesome is it that hate mongers can already get SOME OF us to start putting blame in the LAST PLACE it belongs? This is how they utilize their influence. It is absolutely unbelievable. At least this person spells good an’ uses punctuation.

Posted Friday at 1:31pm: I have not seen anything that sums this up as well as this segment. I have avoided reading things on this because it is just too tragic and too infuriating for me. Rachel Maddow gets it. Check it out.

Response from [an old boss – no joke]: this is a good site to check out – talks about the difference between this oil spill and the Ixtoc spill in 1979 which spewed out over 150 million gallons over 10 months into the gulf.
Friday at 1:53pm·

Me: And here’s another:

The current spill may not be on par with the amount/time of Ixtoc… yet. But it is in MUCH deeper water (more difficult to fix, oil stays deeper where it won’t decompose/”be eaten” as quickly, can’t be burned off, etc), and it is closer to incredibly sensitive habitats. Ixtoc was further away and the oil landed on beaches, which are much less vulnerable than marshes and wetlands. But you bet your ass I hope we don’t exceed Ixtoc. I am more than happy to have the worst spill, in terms of volume or anything else, be in the past.

Furthermore – gallons of oil does not tell the whole story. For example, 10,000 seabirds were killed in Ixtoc. When Exxon Valdez went aground, 250,000 were. We don’t know what the fallout of this will be, irregardless of the final gallon total. We DO know the habitats it WILL affect are incredibly vulnerable. The ecological toll, both at the surface where we can see it, and underwater where we cannot, will be astronomical. This is saying nothing of the toll on American communities and jobs.

This does NOT discount the disaster that was Ixtoc, but I believe a comparison based solely on days unfixed and amount of gallons spilled is a far cry from complete. In addition, Ixtoc happened in 1979. This is 2010. How do we still have no way of dealing with something like this? Where is the responsibility? I am disgusted with our oil companies. Absolutely disgusted. Does anyone believe they were careful here? Anyone believe they chose caution over profits? They need to be held accountable. And we need to start finding cleaner energy alternatives. And encourage and support public transportation. And learn to use our own two legs.

In addition, I bet the millions of people affected by this really don’t care about Ixtoc. When fishermen can’t go fishing, telling them 150 million gals spilled in 1979 doesn’t make things right. It also doesn’t alleviate in the least the irreversible toll this will have on the GOMex ecosystem. Period.
Friday at 2:51pm.

[Ex-boss.]: you are right emily – this is a catastrophe in major proportion – and it just doesn’t make sense that these oil companies did not think far ahead enough to plan for a disaster – unbelievable – they should be held liable not only for the cleanup but all of the lost wages, damage to ecology, and anything else related….
Friday at 3:08pm·

Wait… what? Did you even read the article you sent me? Well. I guess I should just be glad to know we’re on the same page.

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